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At Waterloo Heights Dental, we know coming to the dentist probably doesn’t top your list of fun things to do. That’s why we invest in the latest and greatest dental technology that makes treatments faster, more comfortable, less invasive, and with better results than ever before. Dr. Sanderson and Dr. Matthews are dedicated to continuing education and investing in new technology to bring our patients the best solutions dentistry has to offer. And with technology that detects disease and decay earlier, we can prevent the need for more costly treatments down the road.

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3D Imaging

If you’ve ever had dental work like restorations or orthodontics in the past, you probably remember sitting with messy impression goop in your mouth. Yuck! 3D imaging technology allows us to take quick and easy digital impressions with precision accuracy so we can get things perfect the first time, and you don’t have to gag over nasty impression putty. Just a quick scan and we’ll be on our way to improving your smile. We can even convert the images into a digital mockup to show you exactly what your new smile will look like when we’re done.

“The staff at Waterloo is excellent, knowledgeable and friendly. The Waterloo office has the latest in technology to diagnose small problems before they become big problems. Highly recommend Waterloo dental.”
– Dave

Air Abrasion

If you’re a patient with any level of dental anxiety, especially surrounding the tools like the drill, you will love our air abrasion technology. Air abrasion works like a tiny sandblaster for your teeth – gently and effectively removing areas of tartar and decay – without the sharp tools and scraping. Air abrasion allows us to conserve more of your healthy tooth structure so your smile remains authentically yours, and you can be comfortable knowing we’re using a fine stream of air and particles, not a drill.

CariFree® Products

If you suffer from gum disease or tooth decay, like many of us do, or you just want to use the best products available to ensure you are your healthiest self, we highly recommend CariFree. CariFree is a revolutionary system of products designed to eliminate the oral pathogens (bad bacteria) that cause these and many other systemic health problems. CariFree offers a full line of toothpaste and rinses to balance your pH and create a healthier environment in the mouth and body.


Digital X-rays

Digital X-rays have been a huge advancement in modern medicine and dentistry. Digital X-rays use up to 90% less radiation than traditional X-rays, reducing exposure for both patients and our staff. Digital X-rays can be taken quickly and easily right from the dental chair and viewed on the screen alongside the doctor so you can gain a deeper understanding of your oral health.

Intraoral Cameras

In the past, the only way we could get a good look at the surfaces in your mouth was through the magic of sight with the help of a tiny dental mirror. Today, with the help of intraoral cameras, we gain a whole new level of insight. Intraoral cameras provide real time, high-resolution digital images that can be viewed on the screen, so you can see what we see to better understand your oral health and treatment needs.

“New technology and friendly staff make my trips to the dentist enjoyable.”
– Erin

Laser Cavity Detection

In the past, the only way we could detect cavities was when they were large enough to show up on x-rays or be visible to the naked eye. With laser cavity detection, we are able to illuminate and treat areas of decay when they are still small so we can conserve your healthy teeth for as long as possible and prevent the need for larger more costly restorations down the road.

Laser Dentistry

If you have any level of dental anxiety, or if you just prefer the most advanced treatment methods (who doesn’t?) you’ll love our Fotona laser technology. Lasers have been a revolutionary advancement in dentistry that allows us to perform soft tissue procedures and cleanings without the need to resort to sharp tools, cutting or sutures. Laser dentistry leaves healthy tissue intact for a more comfortable, more conservative approach with predictable results and fast healing.

“Very pleased with my treatment. Dentist was polite and kind, knowing I am a “chicken”.
– Marilyn

Microscope Bacterial Screenings

At Waterloo Heights Dental, we’re proud to among a small handful of dental and healthcare professionals changing the face of dentistry as we know it. We’re shifting from a drill ‘n’ fill mentality to a biological one that considers the bacteria in your mouth and how they can travel through the body. Microscopic bacterial screenings can tell us if you have pathogens that need to be treated so we can treat your problems at the source – the biological level.

OraVital Bacteria Testing

After we perform a microscopic bacterial screening that tells us whether you have oral pathogens, the next step in the oral wellness treatment is OraVital Bacteria Testing. We take saliva and biofilm samples and send them off to an OraVital lab for analysis. The awesome folks at OraVital will analyze your samples to determine which pathogens you have, and at what level so we can begin the proper course of treatment and oral disinfection to get your bacterial load at a healthy level.

Painless Injections

Many patients often find that the worst part of any dental treatment is the numbing injection. Our patients love our painless injection technology, especially those with any level of dental anxiety or fear of needles. Micro pulsing vibrations block the nerves from the pain receptors in the brain, so you’ll hardly even feel the injection, if you feel it at all. Dr. Sanderson and Dr. Matthews love providing painless injections in West Salem to help our patients have a more comfortable dental experience.

Sleep Testing

At Waterloo Heights Dental, we take sleep apnea seriously because it not only affects your quality of sleep, but your quality of life during the day and can lead to serious systemic health problems, and can even be deadly. We provide a convenient way to test your sleep at home. We use the most clinically validated home sleep test, the WatchPAT system that you’ll wear like wristwatch at night that monitors every time you stop breathing, your oxygen levels, and more. This will help us determine if your sleep apnea is mild, moderate, or severe so we can come up with a personalized treatment plan for you.

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