Tooth-Colored Fillings

DentalVeneersNatural looking white fillings are created to match the color of your teeth while functioning the same way a metal amalgam (silver-mercury filling) filling would. White fillings are used to correct the same damage or decay a metal amalgam filling would correct, but white fillings provide a more natural look.

In addition to having a more natural looking filling, white fillings are chosen over metal amalgam fillings because of the potentially toxic mercury found in the metal amalgam. At Waterloo Heights Dental, we have been practicing mercury free dentistry for over 15 years by placing ceramic, composite and gold restorations that are superior in many ways to amalgam. Also, unlike amalgam metal these ceramic restorations expand and contract the same way as your natural teeth.

When the size of the filling is large, it is recommended that the tooth be restored with a ceramic onlay or crown rather than the composite bonding used in white fillings.