TMJ TMD“TMJ” is just an abbreviation for the actual anatomic structure – the “temporomandibular joint.” These joints, as well as muscles and bones, are the structures that allow us to open & close our mouth. They must work in a very balanced, harmonious way when we chew, speak, or swallow. TMD is a medical problem and is often a chronic and frequently degenerative condition. It can arise due to problems with one’s bite, muscle strain or postural imbalances, trauma to the head, neck and facial area. It often has widespread consequences over the rest of the body.

How does TMD relate to your teeth and your bite?

Sometimes the upper and lower teeth do not come together in properly. This may result from a missing tooth or mis-aligned teeth. Everyone and everything gives at its weakest point. If your bite is not balanced, your body may adapt for awhile, but eventually something will breakdown. This can show as teeth wearing or cracking, muscle pain or fatigue, and/or damage or malfunction in the jaw joint.

What treatment is available?

Treatment of TMD is available in many ways, from adjusting the bite to wearing a nightguard to orthodontics. Contact us at Waterloo Heights Dental Center in West Salem, WI to schedule a consultation. Let us help you lead a healthier, happier and pain-free life.