General Dentistry

General dentistry treatments involve diagnosis and treatment of general conditions affecting the teeth, gums, and jaw. Prevention and gum care are both important parts of general dentistry, as is treating problems before they grow to be painful and often expensive.

Dr. Shih and her team at Waterloo Heights Dental Center provide the services needed to develop a comprehensive treatment plan to help you achieve and maintain a smile that will maximize your personal health and appearance, including restorative and cosmetic procedures in addition to “general dentistry treatments.”

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is often misunderstood as something only for the vain, but it is actually much more subtle than this. The way a person smiles (or doesn’t) can have an enormous impact on his or her personality, relationships, and work opportunities. At Waterloo Heights Dental Center, our team has seen countless patients gain self-confidence, and improve their quality of life with treatments that are sometimes amazingly simple.  We have had the honor of bringing many patients to their full potential of smiling with confidence and health. Their smiling, happy faces reaffirm Dr. Shih’s decision to become a dentist and to perform cosmetic dentistry.

Family Dentistry

We also love to treat children and have a great deal of experience with those fearful of going to the dentist. We understand the stress that can cause a person to avoid seeking dental care, and have many patients who have overcome those fears to gain healthy smiles. Their gratitude is one of the finest gifts we can ever receive, and it recharges us to continue our practice of dentistry.

Our Technology

These are some of the advanced technologies that we employ to help deliver the best care that dental medicine has to offer:

  • Intraoral Camera – this small, wand-like camera projects a magnified image of your teeth on a monitor to help the doctor diagnose the treatment needed for each tooth.
  • Digital Imaging – This technology allows the doctor to show you a digitally re-imaged photo of you with your new smile before you start the procedure.
  • Soft Tissue Laser – This laser may be used to help recontour your gum line or surgically eliminate the frenum, a muscle that causes the common space between front teeth.
  • Diagnodent – this extremely accurate, pen-like laser device is used on the biting surfaces of teeth to detect cavities that are otherwise not detectible with an explorer (that “picky thing) or by on an x-ray. This allows us to catch cavities much earlier thus less damage to the teeth and smaller restorations (fillings).
  • Air Abrasion – uses an air-powered stream of fine particles to gently remove decayed or damaged tooth structure, generally without the use of anesthetic
  • Myotronics Jaw Tracking System – a series of sophisticated, computerized medical devices used by neuromuscular dentists to treat TMD, headaches, neck and shoulder pain by properly aligning the teeth, jaw joint and muscles of the jaw, neck and shoulders.

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