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At Neighborhood Smiles, we believe the best dental treatment is no dental treatment. However, if you do need dental work, we believe in comprehensive care and flexible payment plans to help get you the care you deserve.

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Brighten your smile

Teeth whitening options have increased significantly in the past decade. Presently, there are 3 primary methods used to bleach teeth: dentist-supervised at-home night guard bleaching, in-office or power bleaching, and mass marketed over the counter products.
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Clear Braces

Six Month Smiles®, also known as clear braces, are the perfect solution for people who want to straighten their teeth but are concerned about the cosmetic drawbacks of traditional braces.
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Do you suffer from headaches?

TMJ / TMD is a medical problem and is often a chronic and frequently degenerative condition. It can arise due to problems with one’s bite, muscle strain or postural imbalances, trauma to the head, neck and facial area.
Headache Treatment


“Dr. Priscilla Shih and all the staff at Waterloo Heights Dental Center have done an amazing job in providing dental services, in a kind, caring and very professional manner. Needing crowns, I was dreading going through the procedure. My past experience with crowns involved biting and cold sensitivities that were painful. This required numerous adjustments even after the permanent crowns were in place. It sometimes would take months before I could eat normally.Dr. Shih along with her staff, did a wonderful job in providing me with two new crowns that were not only pain free, but also allowed me to eat normally the same day, with no adjustments! Dr. Shih’s staff were all very friendly and courteous. They did an incredible job in working with my insurance company and making sure everything went smoothly.I can’t thank Waterloo Heights enough, for providing such a warm and caring atmosphere. I’m so glad my husband and I picked Waterloo Heights for all our dental needs!”
– Laura S.

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